We work with municipalities, county councils, government agencies and the business community in many different ways.

Skills development and contract education

The Department of Education works with government agencies, the business community, municipalities and county councils, and offers courses for skills development and contract education.

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Teaching for sustainable development

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SWEDESD shall, through collaboration with Swedish and international partners, weave together research, capacity development and policy work in teaching for sustainable development.

Praktiknära forskning - Utveckling Lärande Forskning (ULF)

Uppsala universitet har tillsammans med universiteten i Göteborg, Umeå och Karlstad fått regeringens uppdrag att planera och genomföra en försöksverksamhet som ska bidra till stärkt vetenskaplig grund i lärar- och förskollärarutbildningarna samt i skolan. 

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Development of school leaders

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Centre for Educational Management educates vice chancellors, heads of preschools and other individuals who lead curriculum-governed operations, and aims to develop the role of managers and leaders in accordance with the Education Act. 

Regional collaboration

Forum för Samverkan (Forum for Community Engagement) shall contribute to mutually enriching knowledge exchange between municipalities/preschools/schools and researchers at Uppsala University. The goal is to ensure that schools are based on a scientific foundation and proven experience in practice.

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